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Fermented Refined Placenta Undiluted Solution

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Fermented Placenta / Umbilical cord extract essence

LM158425- Refined Placenta Undiluted Solution 15 ML  S$ 68

Refined placenta extract beautifies the facial skin at its deepest level. Refined Placenta Undiluted Solution is formulated in Japan and it uses fermented placenta essence to moisturise the skin. It is meant to be applied directly on the skin.

Placenta extract is known to be an effective ingredient with multiple usages. When the placenta extract is combined with three major nutrients of the body, it starts to supplement vitamins and minerals to the skin cells.

Umbilical cord extract is rich in hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans, hence this ingredient is known to be a high-performance moisturiser to help the skin restore its youthful elasticity, and fight aging skin. The product is designed to penetrate the skin and revitalise inactive skin cells.


Water, Saccharomyces / brown sugar / placenta extract’s fermented solution (moisturizing and cosmetics raw materials), xanthan gum, citric acid, citric acid Na, caprylyl glycol, ethanol, phenoxyethanol.

The main role of the placenta and umbilical cord:

– Contains 20 types of amino acids needed by the body to promote collagen production and rejuvenate the skin.

– Hyaluronic acid has a moisturising effect

– Enzymes are essential to the digestion and absorption of the active ingredient substances

– Cell regeneration growth factors EGF-FGF

– Sialic acid can enhance immunity

– DNA, RNA are genetic compounds

– 2Rich in vitamins and mineral elements

The product does not contain perfume, colouring, surfactants, paraben and no mineral oil.


Twice a day after cleansing the face, apply the product directly on the face. The solution is slightly sticky and will be absorbed by the skin quickly. It can be applied to the eye and lip areas.

– Avoid direct sunlight and heat and humidity, please keep in a cool place.

– Please use after opening as soon as possible.

– Please be sure to securely tighten the cap after use.

– Please keep out of reach of children.

Made in Japan


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