G7 Face Lift Care

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G7 Face Lift

FB-G7S   G7 Face Lift Bundle Set @ S$780


La Mente Aurora-ceutical G7

– La Mente Cpla Whitening Essence  30ml S$ 128

Lamente Milky Lotion 150ml S$ 78

La Mente Aurora-Liftup Gel  150g  S$ 58

Soigne Aquafit WaterCream N  SG-716  50g  S$ 148



 La Mente Aurora-Liftup Gel  150g  S$ 58

The liftup gel is specially formulated to be used with ultrasonic wave treatment.

La Mente Aurora-Liftup Gel, specially formulated for ultrasonic wave treatment, is moisture-rich and contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin amongst other ingredients for an effective DIY treatment. The gel prevents skin from becoming rough while firming up loose skin and provides moisture and elasticity for the skin.

Main ingredients: Natural hyaluronic extract, collagen extract, elastin extract, placenta extract, sake lees extract, luxuriously blended moisturising ingredients such as seaweed extract that contains the amino acids and minerals.

Full Ingredients: Water, BG, betaine, placenta extract, rhinoceros Thai extract, hydrolyzed elastin, water-soluble collagen, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, brown algae extract, red algae extract, green algae extract, sake lees extract, carbomer, aminocaproic acid, quaternium -73, bark extract , purple root extract, xanthan gum, polysorbate 20, pullulan, hydroxyethyl cellulose, arginine, phenoxyethanol, ethanol


La Mente Cpla Whitening Essence  30ml S$ 128

Basic skincare: This is an ultimate whitening beauty essence with quasi-drug ingredients. Suitable for all skin types.

La Mente Cpla Whitening Essence is made from undiluted placental extract and water-soluble vitamin C (product of antioxidant) being mixed together at an optimum ratio. This is the ideal whitening beauty essence with a synergic effect for lightening of freckles and spots.

Usage: In the morning and evening, after cleansing, pat the essence on the entire face. Please focus on the areas of skincare concerns. It can also be used with “Aurora-ceuticals G7 +” ion treatments.

Full Ingredients: 

Active ingredient – Vitamin C phosphate Mg

Other components – Placenta extract -1, BG, citric acid , hydroxide Na, lactic acid, phenoxyethanol , ethanol , purified water

Lamente Milky Lotion 150ml S$ 78

Preventing the absorption of UV rays is one of the most important aspects of whitening. La Mente Milky Lotion is luxurious in texture and contains ingredients with whitening and moisturising properties, such as placenta extract and water-soluble collagen. It moisturises your skin and reduces the production of melanin, prevents spots and freckles, and gives you fair and clear skin.

Usage: In the morning and evening after cleansing your face, dispense an adequate amount (coin size) on the palm of your hand or cotton pad, and apply it on your face while lightly patting it.

Full Ingredients:

[ Active ingredient ] Placenta extract -1 , glycyrrhizin acid 2K

[ Other components ] Concentrated glycerin , BG, Penchirengurikoru , lavender water , phenoxyethanol water-soluble collagen solution -1 , dihydrogen phosphate Na, ε- aminocaproic acid , allantoin , phosphoric acid 1 hydrogen Na, aloe extract -2 , mulberry extract , Ashitaba extract , vitamin C phosphate Mg, taurine , Scutellaria root extract , methyl phenyl polysiloxane , tri -ethylhexanoate glyceryl , decaglyceryl myristate , purified water , absolute ethanol


Soigne Aquafit WaterCream N  SG-716  50g  S$ 148

“Do you have dehydrated skin and visible pores?” 

Aqaufit water cream delivers moisture quickly deep into skin, leaving it feeling fresh and supple, without any oil residue.

Developed in Japan, Aquafit contains more than 20 active ingredients, including Aqua Vitalsome which releases moisture into skin for an extended time period.

Aquafit work in 3 ways:

1  Moisture is supplied deep into dehydrated skin

2  A barrier is formed on the skin’s surface for moisture retention.

3 Skin induced to produce more moisture

The water cream can be used as an essence before the moisturiser. It has four key effects and rejuvenates dry and tired skin.

Soigne Aquafit WaterCream N enhances and activates four main hydration processes:

(1) Efficient Hydration

A 3-D compound capsule which contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide ammonia and natural moisturising factor gives dry skin long-lasting moisture.

2) Skin Protection

Based on simulated bioscience research, Soigne Aquafit adds in moisture protection essence made of ginkgo biloba, sunflower and fucus to maintain the skin’s protective film at tip top condition. This will counter dryness in skin, and avoid harmful attack from external harsh environment.

3) Skin Activation

The ceramide compound and hyaluronic acid molecules will maintain skin protection and its optimal hydration ability.

4) Anti-aging

The use of SOD, β-carotene and Q10 effectively delays the signs of aging, and soothes sensitive skin with redstem wormwood extract.


1) In the morning and evening, after using an essence lotion/ toner, use an adequate amount (about the size of a pearl) on a spatula and apply on the face and neck, and wait for the skin to absorb the water cream.

2) It can be applied as a mask for 5 to 10 minutes as well. Wipe off after the water cream has been fully absorbed and follow with the next skincare step.

Full Ingredients : Water , BG, DPG, glycerin , PEG / PPG / polybutylene glycol -8/5/3 glycerin , dimethicone , 2Na acetyl glucosamine phosphate , acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, turmeric rhizome extract , olive leaf extract , mosquitoes professional oil sphingosine , mosquitoes professional oil phytosphingosine , licorice leaf extract , chicory root extract , Quillaja bark extract , gentian rhizome / root extract , Saccharomyces / rice bran fermented liquid extract , honeysuckle leaf extract , ceramide 1 , ceramide 2 , ceramide 3 , ceramide 5 , ceramide 6Ⅱ, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP, ceramide EOS, assembly extract , soy sterol , Centella asiatica leaf extract , witch hazel leaf extract , hyaluronic acid Na, sunflower seed oil unsaponifiables , loquat leaf extract , hexa carboxymethyl dipeptide -12 , betaine , Morus alba root bark extract , Machi Angeles Oh Dora Chishima bark extract , Melissa leaf extract , ubiquinone , lauroyl glutamine di ( phytosteryl / octyl dodecyl ) , hydrolysis avocado protein , hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharides , tocopherol acetate , ( acrylates / alkyl acrylic acid (C10-30)) cross polymer , 1,2- hexane diol , PEG-32, PEG-75, ethanol , carbomer , xanthan gum , cholesterol , steareth -25 , stearoylglutamic acid Na, tetra octanoic acid pentaerythrityl , tri ( caprylic / capric acid ) glyceryl , behenic acid , maltodextrin, octyldodecyl myristate , lecithin , hydroxide Na, hydrogenated lecithin , PEG-6, cetanol , phenoxyethanol , methylparaben , perfume , blue 1 , red 227


La Mente Aurora-ceutical G7+

Japan’s first ultrasonic wave beauty device (750 MHz, wave of 75 million times per second) with code-charge type. The device is user-friendly and glides on your face with satisfying skincare results.

This device operates in 4 functions:

– Ultrasonic: Per second 75 million times of vibration gently massages your skin.

– Ion-cleansing: By utilizing the suction force of the ion, it removes stubborn dirt hidden in the skin pores.

– Ion-treatment: By utilizing the flow of the ions, it allows penetration of cosmetic ingredients into the stratum corneum.

– Infrared ray: By thermal effects, it warms the skin from the inside, hasten the flow of blood and lymph to better activate cells and promote metabolism of the skin to increase treatment efficiency.

Users’ Tips:

– Ultrasonic treatment may cause muscle fatigue in one particular area, so it is recommended to be used 2 to 3 times a week, while the other treatments can be done daily.

– Suitable for use on sensitive skin.

-Avoid the eyelid, Adam’s apple and boney areas.

– It is meant for delicate facial skin, and not for the body.

– Not recommended for pregnant ladies, but breastfeeding mums can use the device.

– The voltage of the charging plug is AC 100 volts.


Usage: Apply beauty gel,essence or cream on your face. Switch on the device, and glide it along the facial contours to achieve a deep penetration effect.

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