ERUCALA 20 (120ml)

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No Rinse Type Hair Treatment

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KOEI Erucala 20 Premium Treatment 120ml

Non-Silicon Premium Treatment Mist
A no rinse type of hair treatment that is recognised by professionals. Using the power of heat, repair the insides of hair and cuticles. ​It contains 11 natural extracts and anti-aging ingredients;

5 effects of ERUCALA 20
1. Keep the shampoo effect longer
2. Keep the hair style longer
3. Hair Repair​
4. Retains hair moisture​
5. Prevents split-ends and damage


Water, propanediol, quatachium-18.7 decozalactone, soy neterol, PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate. Phenoxyethanol, flavor, methyl buffene, behentrimonium chloride


Made in Japan



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