DETOXER (50ml)

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DETOXER is a new treatment for coloured hair that is created to remove the residual substances left in the scalp and hair after hair colouring. It combats and eliminates the alkali and hydrogen peroxide in your scalp that attacks and damage the origin of the hair, making it harder to produce white hair.

5 Features of DETOXER:
1. Scalp and hair damage control
2. Keep hair colour healthy and long lasting
3. Colouring up of hair colour
4. Hair repair reinforcement
5. Uses skin-friendly amphoteric surfactant

How to use:

1. After colouring, emulsifying and washing, put DETOXER into foamer. Dispense 8 times (for medium hair) and mix it thoroughly into the scalp and hair.
2. Use it like normal shampoo and wash it off.


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