SOIGNE Point Make up Remover

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SG 880 SOIGNE Point Make up Remover 110ml S$ 48

Easily whisk away even the most stubborn makeup accents. Leaves skin dewy and moisturized.

Lushly hydrated to the touch, this formula removes eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and other heavy accents while protecting the skin’s moisture around the eyes and mouth. This is a two-stage makeup remover that never gets sticky, even after you wipe it off.

Usage:  Shake well before using, making sure that the cap is on securelyApply a small amount (about the size of a large coin) to three cotton pads. Gently wipe away lipstick and eye makeup with a massaging motion. To remove mascara, gently wrap the eyelashes in the pad and wipe from the roots to the tips. Finish by folding the third pad in fourths to wipe away the corners and edges of the mouth.

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Full Ingredients : Water , Cyclopentasiloxane , hydrogenated polyisobutene , BG, neopentyl glycol dicaprate , cetyl ethylhexanoate , glycerin , acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, aloe ferox leaf extract , rice fermentation broth , soy sprout extract , tea leaf extract , sunflower seeds extract , Deutzia gracilis leaf / stem extract , polyquaternium -51 , soapberry extract , meadowfoam oil , hydrolyzed collagen , hydrolyzed silk , 1,2- hexane diol , octyldodecanol , Na chloride , hydrogenated Kokoguriseriru , benzalkonium chloride



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