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SOIGNE Foam Cleanser – R

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SKU: SG 882

SG-882  SOIGNE Foam Cleanser(R)120g  S$ 90

Luxurious lather like fresh cream penetrates every nook and cranny for deep cleansing.

The fine, concentrated lather of this face wash envelops the skin in softness as it cleans, whisking away dead skin cells and impurities while preparing skin for a better hold next time you apply makeup.

Usage: Place a small amount (about 1 cm from the tube) in the palm. Add cool or lukewarm water to whip into a lather before applying to the entire face, washing gently as if you were enveloping it in soft cream. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water so that no lather remains.

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Full Ingredients: Water , glycerin , myristic acid , palmitic acid , hydroxide K, diglycerol , stearic acid , lauric acid , maltitol , DPG, lauroyl glutamate Jisutearesu -2, PEG-32, PPG-24 glycereth -24 , lauramidopropyl betaine , PEG-6, co- coil glutamine acid K, PCA-Na, α- glucan , aspartic acid , acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, up poppy Saw extract , alanine , arginine , aloe ferox leaf extract , glycine , glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl , glucosylceramide , glutamic acid , rice fermentation liquid , Saccharomyces / rice fermentation broth , Saccharomyces / pearl barley seed fermentation broth , citrulline , white willow bark extract , serine , sorbitol , soybean sprout extract , tocopherol , threonine , eggplant fruit extract ,Bitter orange peel extract , sunflower seed oil unsaponifiables , Deutzia gracilis leaf / stem extract , lentils fruit extract , proline , betaine , polyquaternium -51 , soapberry extract , peach seed extract , lauroyl glutamine di ( phytosteryl / octyl dodecyl ) , lauroyl sarcosine isopropyl , lysine , mung meristematic cell culture extract , BG, ethanol , olive oil PEG-7 -carboxylic acid Na, silicate (Al / Mg), propanediol , polyquaternium -39, EDTA-3Na, benzoic acid Na, fragrance, iron oxide


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