Satishe Soft Veil Eye Shadow BR-2


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MS 6810 Satishe Soft Veil Eye Shadow  BR-2  S$ 68

Look impressive and graceful with this set of stunning eye shadow colours suitable for every occasion.

The texture of Satishe Soft Veil Eye Shadow SS-19 is soft and silky; four colours blend beautifully to create a 3D sassy look, so your eyes look stunning from every angle. Your facial expressions are made beautiful by the sparkle in your eyes.

Main ingredients: Ultra-fine pearl powder and chamomile essence.

Usage:satishe eyeshadow

  1. Brush the base color on the entire eyelid indicated as (1).
  2. Apply a light colour on the eye crease area indicated as (2).
  3. Apply a medium colour on the eye lid indicated as (3).
  4. Apply the darkest shade near the lashline indicated as (4) to accentuate the upper eyelid.

Full Ingredients: Talc , boron nitride , isotridecyl isononanoate , diphenyl siloxy phenyltrimethicone , vaseline , myristic acid Mg, diisostearyl malate , Orchid extract, camellia extract, sunflower seed oil , Madonna lily root extract , hydrolyzed conchiolin , soluble collagen , BG, sorbitan isostearic acid , silica , stearoylglutamic acid Al, perfluorooctyl triethoxysilane , zinc myristate , cyclomethicone , hydrogenated polyisobutene , dehydroacetic acid Na, ethyl paraben , methyl paraben , alumina , ultramarine blue , borosilicate (Ca / Al), mica , synthetic mica , tin oxide , titanium oxide , iron oxide , hydroxide Al, red 226


Made in Japan.


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