Hot Fermented Honey Cleansing Gel

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VE 51314 Nature Honey Hot Fermented Cleansing Gel  150g  S$ 36 

What some people enjoy most during a cleansing facial is the process of removing impurities through a cleansing gel. Massage this product, Nature Honey Warming Cleansing Gel, on your face and you will feel a warm sensation akin to a steam treatment.

The new cleansing gel warms up immediately to create the same relaxing sensation at a facial treatment. How does it work? Thick honey gel sticks fast to skin while adding warmth that opens up pores, promotes circulation and whisks away makeup and other impurities. Botanical glycerin leaves the skin supple, hydrated and clear as the gel is rinsed off.

Main  Ingredients:

  • Basic ingredients: Hokkaido Acacia honey, Fermented royal jelly, Royal jelly extract, Propolis extract, Lentil bean extract, Izumo hot spring water.
  • Specific ingredients: Botanical glycerin, Licorice (Chinese medicine softens outer skin layer), Perilla extract (antibacterial), Hesperidin (vitamin P found in citrus peel).

HOW TO USE        

Place a moderate amount (about the size of a large cherry) on dry fingertips and massage thoroughly into the skin to remove foundation and other impurities, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Rinse clean with cool or warm water. Cleansing function peaks after one or two minutes of massaging and is complete after three minutes.

Full Ingredients: 

Water, ethanol, squalane, cetyl ethylhexanoate, dimethicone, diphenyl phenyl trimethylolpropane triisostearate, isotridecyl isononanoate, almond oil, Keshisouekisu, licorice root extract, hesperidin, ceramide 1, ceramide 2, ceramide 3, ceramide 6Ⅱ, soybean sterol, tocopherol up, honey, honey extract, biotin, lentil seed extract, propolis extract, yogurt liquid, royal jelly, royal jelly extract, hot spring water, evening primrose oil, lactobacillus / royal jelly fermentation broth, Lactobacillus / fermented milk, BG, ethylhexyl glycerol, citric acid, sodium acetate 5Na Pentetokuen acid, glycerine, coconut oil alkyl glucosides, sodium chloride, hydrogenated lecithin, phenoxyethanol, perfume


Made in Japan.


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