HFD Set (Hyalurone FD 7pcs and Collagen Ext 15ml 1pc)

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HFD Set (Hyalurone FD 7pcs and Collagen Ext 15ml 1pc) $180

Highly-concentrated beauty serum lifts and firms the skin, providing swift relief from sagging skin. Contains retinol and plant extracts that swiftly make skin more radiant.

Freezes your age by FD technology. Intensively rejuvenates skin cells. Benefiting by the freeze-drying technology, it instantly freezes up and dehydrates the hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen elements, natural plant extracts, Vitamin A and other ingredients. It efficiently keeps all the components in a stable status which do not destroy or affect its original function. This skin set can effectively smoothen facial and eye wrinkles, repair dry and UV damaged skin and skin cells. It gives promising result to tackle problem of aging wrinkles, fine lines and skin laxity at eyes and around mouth area. Only seven days of continuous use, the skin regains a healthy shine.

How to use:

1. Push the ”dropper cap” on the ”Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract”, pour it into the HFD.
2. Put the spare cap onto the HFD bottle. Mix the HFD and ”Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract“ together thoroughly.
3. Place the HFD lotion mixture on the palm of your hand, and then and then apply it over the face.

All ingredients: Water, BG, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed elastin, hydrolyzed collagen, succinoyl atelocollagen, phenoxyethanol




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