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Bb Sleeping Moist Gel Mask

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Bb Sleeping Moist Gel Mask  50g

The arrival of a new special skin care product from +more! Simply add at the end of your evening skincare routine. A night mask that you apply before going to sleep.

Product Features

1 The final product of your evening skincare routine. Simply apply and go to sleep. An overnight mask that delivers beautiful skin.
2 Enhances the skin’s barrier function with a two-pronged approach to deeply hydrate the stratum corneum while you sleep. Supports and nurtures skin during Golden Time.
3 A shimmering gel that melts into your skin.
4 The refined and relaxing aroma of Damask

What’s so special about this sleeping mask

So simple!

Just apply before sleep.
Unlike other face masks or sheet masks, there’s no need to leave it on and then remove by washing or wiping off. Perfect for time-poor women who still want beautiful skin.


The beauty ingredients thoroughly penetrate the skin during Golden Time when our skin undergoes renewal. Wake up to translucent and beautifully hydrated skin.

Enhances the skin’s barrier function with a two-pronged approach to deeply hydrate the stratum corneum.

The skin has the inherent ability to create moisturising substances and store moisture in the stratum corneum. The moisturizing substances in the stratum corneum are comprised of three elements:
1) Natural moisturising factor (NMF), 2) intercellular lipids and 3) skin surface lipids

Sleeping Moist Gel Mask recreates the moisturizing substances in the stratum corneum!

1 Natural moisturising factor (NMF) ・・・Five fermented extracts
2 Intercellular lipids ・・・Moist Glitter Drops ※, ceramides and jojoba oil
3 Skin surface lipids ・・・Skin-hugging gel

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

NMF is a natural moisturizing substance found in the skin’s keratinocytes, around half of which are comprised of amino acids. The role of NMF is to retain moisture inside the stratum corneum, while NMF levels reduce with age.

The five fermented extracts in Sleeping Moist Gel Mask become NMFs, filling keratinocytes with moisture to support overnight skin cell turnover.

5 different fermented extracts

・Lactobacillus / Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate ・・・An extract in which European Pear juice is fermented with lactobacillus, and is also an AHA.
・Lactobacillus / Milk Ferment Filtrate・・・Fresh milk or non-fat milk is fermented with lactobacillus and the resulting fermented milk’s supernatant converted to powder. It contains peptides, amino acids, lactates and sugars to both moisturise and even out the skin.
・Yogurt Filtrate (milk)・・・An aqueous solution prepared with fermented whey that can improve dry skin and skin affected by dryness, while also supporting immune levels and promoting skin turnover.
・Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Ferment ・・・An extract derived by fermenting protein extracted from white lupin which is then fermented with chlorella. Strengthens skin tissue to improve skin elasticity.
・Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract・・・An extract derived from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and one of the moisturizing ingredients.

Intercellular Lipids

Intercellular lipids lie between keratin cells, and function to join cells. Intercellular lipids play a vital role in preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin, and its lamellar structure traps moisture with fats to protect skin from becoming dry.

Intercellular lipids are comprised of:

1 Ceramides (50%)
2 Cholesterol (25%)
3 Fatty acids (10~20%)

The ingredients in Sleeping Moist Gel Mask fill the gaps between each keratin cell to enhance the skin barrier

1 Ceramides
Ceramides NP, Ceramides AP, Ceramides EOP, phytosphingosine

2 Cholesterol
Moist Glitter Drops

3 Fatty Acids Jojoba oil

Moist Glitter Drops

5 types of cholesterol 

・ Cholesteryl nonanoate
・ Dihydrocholesteryl oleate
・ Phytosteryl oleate
・ Cholesteryl Butyrate
・ Dihydrocholesteryl butyrate

Beauty Ingredients

◎ Hydration

・ Placental Protein ・・・Not only does it promote skin circulation and stimulate the metabolism but also hydrates and activates skin cells.

・Glycosyl Trehalose・・・Derived from corn, glycosyl trehalose is a polysaccharide that combines trehalose, with its outstanding moisture retention properties, and glucose.
Highly moisturizing and creates a barrier against the skin. Activates the cells to deliver deeply hydrated skin.

◎ Pores and Photoaging

・ Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract ・・・ Cynaropicrin, found in artichoke leaves, delivers beautiful skin by preventing dryness and improving skin tone and elasticity. It is attracting attention in recent years as an ingredient that addresses skin pore-related concerns.

◎ Skin Elasticity
・ Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester ・・・Promotes the synthesis of the various proteins found in elastin

◎ Skin Turnover

fibres, increasing functional elastin fibre levels.

・ Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract ・・・An extract derived from the apple fruit, a member of the Rosaceae plant family. It is an anti-oxidant, is hydrating and softens the stratum corneum.

 The relaxing and refined aroma of Damask Rose

Damask Rose is said to be calming, alleviates stress and regulates hormones to deliver beautiful skin.

Made in Japan


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