Red Oregano and Purple Berries Tea Set

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2 Bottles of Tea (20 tea bags)

Red Oregano and Purple Berries Tea Set

Red Oregano – 20 Tea Bags, 20g S$15.90

A savoury tea with powerful property.

Profile: Strongly aromatic with a slightly bitter, pungent flavour. Earthy/musty, green, hay and minty notes.
Ingredients: Dried Red Oregano Leaves

Key Benefits:
– Rich in Antioxidants and great source of vitamin K
– Fight Bacteria, Good for sore throat & cough
– Help Reduce Viral Infection
– Decrease Inflammation
– Digestive problems, ease bloating and edema
– Irritable bowel syndrome

Product of Albania

Purple Berries – 20 Tea Bags, 40g S$18

A tangy blend of Lavender with Bilberry & Aronia (Chokeberry) for a natural fruity quench.

Bilberry is part of the Blueberry family but yield a different taste and are more difficult to grow since they only thrive in mountain ranges. Aronia also known as Chokeberry is a type of berry that is native to North America. Lavender, Bilberry and Chokeberry are high in antioxidants that will help eliminate free radicals that are caused by pollution, excessive drinking and smoking.

Health Benefits:
– Weight Loss
– Aid in Digestion
– Eliminates Free Radicals
– Prevent Cancer
– Treat Cognitive Disorders
– Boost Immunity
– Improve Vision
– Skin Care
– Regulate Blood Pressure
– Antibacterial
– Manage Diabetes

Product of Albania


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