OM True Lavender Soap

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True Lavender Soap 20g

A revolutionary bar soap that effectively cleanses without irritating the skin. Containing a high level of organic coconut, olive, and palm oil, the lavender enriched face soap nourishes, soothes, and cleanses the skin without compromising the skin’s natural barrier function.


Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil: Loaded with natural antioxidants, coconut oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, promoting the healing of microdamage while maintaining skin moisture levels.

Olive Oil: A potent antioxidant that balances and moisturises, while protecting the skin from external stressors.

Lavender: Calms senses while reducing skin redness and irritation.


How to use:

Used on its own or with a cleansing brush, apply a thick lather to wet skin and rinse thoroughly before patting the skin dry.


Full ingredient list:

Olive oil *, coconut oil *, coconut oil *, purified water, lavender oil *, French lavender oil *, lavender oil *, Linalool * (*indicates organic ingredient)


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