OM Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Set – 250ml

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OM Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Set  – 250ml

Olive for a clean diet

If you are eating clean, remember to add olive oil in your daily diet.  OM’s extra virgin olive oil is produced by squeezing the fruit in a traditional way. Olive berries are harvested once a year and freshly made into olive oil which is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin E and vegetable fat and unsaturated fatty acids, and aromatic in its scent.  OM is an organic product brand that adheres to high-quality standards, from seed planting and cultivation, to raw material extraction and oil product, the manufacturing is completed in Tuscany. OM farm at Tuscany is planted with very mature olive trees after a half-century of farming. Organic extra virgin olive oil produced from olive tree aged over 100 years old is very rare in Italy nowadays.  At OM, we say, a little olive oil a day keeps the doctor away!

Effect and efficacy of olive oil diet

– Helps to clean the bowel and improve constipation.

– It causes an enzymatic reaction in the body and helps the burning action of fat.

– When consumed with apples, carrots, vegetables, etc., which are rich in vitamins, beta-carotene and vitamins synergistically work together to prevent adult diseases.

– Vitamin E in olive oil soothes skin.

– Unsaturated fatty acids relieve young wrinkles and fine wrinkles in the skin.

How to consume Take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach twice a day. This will decrease your appetite and help you to feel full on days when you are fasting.


Made in Tuscany, Italy 



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