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Why is Calendula The Best Organic Skincare For Sensitive Skin?

Whether displaying bright orange or sunny yellow flowers, calendula—also called pot marigold—is one of the most essential parts of your garden medicine chest. The aromatic heads of these spring flowers can be collected and made into oils and salves to help heal skin injuries of all kinds.

The energypacked marigold offers its regenerating and structuring powers to rough, irritated and sensitive skin. It helps to fortify unstable skin barriers, minimize the appearance of blemishes and soothe irritated skin.

OM Calendula lotion a cosmetics emulsion based on essential oils, vegetable extracts natural derived oils and emulsifiers.  Calendual  is a very soothing, mild extract. It’s gentle power is wonderful for sensitive skin. This calming ingredient is cherished as a major component of many Inlight products.

Calendula Lotion removes eye and facial make-up effectively and releases moisture at the same time. It is suitable for use in the morning when you wake up with a slightly oilier face, and in the evening when you need to remove makeup.

The Lotion embedding Calendulaoil soothes pores in a gentle manner. After cleansing, the skin feels clean and moist with a refreshed sensation.

* All of OM’s products are dermatologucally tested. no perfynes, syntheic colorsir animal ingredients,  free of parabens and parahydroxybenzoic acid esters.

How to use

1. Shake the product well before use because in some organic cosmetics, it is common to find the denser essence sinking downwards.

2. After cleansing the skin (recommends OM Calendula  Cleansing Milk), apply this toner by pumping 1ml to 5 ml of the liquid on your face. Since the pores are small, a small amount will do.

3. Users with skin allergies can put more OM toner on a cotton swab and leave it on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes and the swelling will subside.

Full Ingredients :  aqua (water). Narrow glycerin lavandula, Lemon balm (Lemon ba dèydroacetic private, Calendula officinalis sodium Phytate, sodium PCA, benzi

Made in Italy 


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