OM Calendula Brightening Serum

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OM Calendula Brightening Serum  30ml

Brightens and moisturises skin

Fair skin is the pursuit of many, and youthful looks start from a luminous skin tone. The OM Calendula Brightening Serum is made of organic calendula essential oil and is excellent for evening out skin tones and has whitening effect.  It instantly supplies moisture and nutrition to the skin, balances the water content with excellent moisture retention, and forms a protective film. You can feel the silky texture of the serum is being absorbed by the skin, and more radiant skin will surface.  * All of OM’s products are free of parabens and parahydroxybenzoic acid esters.

How to use Every morning after using the toner, apply one to two drops of the serum on the face with the eyedropper.  Note: During shipping, the serum is occasionally shaken. You can use it with confidence with the sealed lid.

All components Purified water, glycerin *, ascorbyl glucoside, denatured alcohol *, calendula flower extract *, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, Dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide (* Is an organic ingredient mark.)


Made in Italy – 100% organic 

1 review for OM Calendula Brightening Serum

  1. Theresa Lim
    5 out of 5


    Chanced upon this product when I was in Italy and happy to find it in SG! Excellent serum that absorb into the skin within seconds with no trace of layering your face at all(will love it especially if you dislike the usual sticky feeling of most serum). Keep the face moisturised and can see obvious reduction in oily shinning T-zone within a week. Skin texture is greatly improve without the need to touchup my makeup throughout the day!

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