Mother’s day offer for you and Mum

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Mother’s day offer for You and Mum  U.P S$ 1104  Offer @S$ 300

– Facial 2 sessions

– Total retail S$ 976.

– Offer $300.

– Special gift for Mum worth S$ 128

For you :

Detox Program with 100% Organic Face & Eyes      90 mins S$ 488

detoxifying and purifying facial treatment for any skin type presenting with blemish concerns due to environmental intoxification. The massage drains away toxins and reduces stress level, while our pure organic ingredients provide a refreshing and oxygenating effect. Skin texture will be smoothed and refined.

Made from the most precious ingredients that Mediterranean nature offers, OM represents the right balance for the pleasure of the five senses, enabling immediate benefits for the body and the mind through a full sensory immersion experience.


For Mum: 

Platinum 20’s          90 min $488

Look young and radiant with this Fresh & Youthful Facial Treatment. It employs a combination of anti-ageing technologies, massage techniques and premium skincare products from Japan to give skin that extra lift for a firm, contoured v-shaped appearance.

The CLASS PLATINUM ARCANUM Series represents a new stage in Bb Laboratories’ range of placenta products. For all women who want to remain beautiful forever, this product line addresses skin today, tomorrow and into the future.

 Main Ingredients:

*20 different Essential Oil Extract

*20% of Pure Active Placents Extract


Results are visible in just one session. The Fresh & Youthful Facial Treatment is recommended for those who wish to revitalize fatigued skin for a youthful and bright clear complexion.







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