La Mente Fino Claro Essence

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La Mente Fino Claro Essence  30ml  S$ 158

This facial essence contains active ingredients which promote skin cell rejuvenation.

La Mente Fino Claro Essence is an anti-aging beauty solution containing special ingredients such as cattle deproteinized blood and plenty of amino acids to accelerate skin metabolism. The skin function will normalise and maintain the state of the skin. It is also blended with placenta extract derived from specific pathogen free (SPG) pigs, which is beneficial to keeping the skin soft and youthful.

Boosts skin metabolism

Our skin is divided into 3 layers of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Under normal skin renewal process, the skin cells in the base layer of the epidermis are pushed up to the stratum corneum every 14 days. It “falls off” after another 14 days, totalling a 28-day renewal cycle.

When the metabolism rate declines, the dead skin cells are not removed, causing the stratum corneum becomes hard and rough, leading to skin aging!

La Mente Fino Claro Essence boosts skin metabolism, promotes collagen production of the dermal layer, and improves skin elasticity.

Main ingredients: Cattle deproteinized blood (cell activation), Placenta extract (stimulate collagen), EGF and FGF (cell growth factors).

Usage: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply the La Mente Fino Claro Essence before a moisturiser on the face and neck. Recommended to use La Mente Fino Claro Cream after Claro Essence.

Made in Japan.


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