La Mente Fino Claro Cream

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La Mente Fino Claro Cream  40g  S$ 128

This anti-aging whitening facial cream contains 3 skin cell growth factors: EGF which promotes cell regeneration, FGF which promotes collagen production and KGF which protects the skin.

La Mente Fino Claro Cream is a luxurious whitening cream which responds to the concerns of every woman, to rid of freckles and spots and maintain youthful skin. Other than 3 growth factors which encourage skin rejuvenation, its moisturising ingredients include placenta extract derived from specific pathogen free (SPG) pigs, which is beneficial to keeping the skin soft and youthful.

New Formula

(1) Deproteinized cattle blood

+ (2) EGF: Promotes skin regeneration

+ (3) FGF: Promotes collagen production

+ (4) KGF: Protects the skin.

Main ingredients: Cattle deproteinized blood, EGF, FGF, KGF, Placenta, Proteoglycan, Sake lees extract (antioxidant to prevent aging), Roseroot root extract (reduce inflammation).

Usage: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply the cream as a moisturiser on the face and neck. Recommended to use La Mente Fino Claro Essence prior to Claro Cream.


Made in Japan.


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