Hokkaido Lingzhi Tea with Yacon Flavor


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Hokkaido Lingzhi Tea with Yacon Flavor  45g ( 1.5g x 30 bags)

Smooth and aromatic taste with original roasting technology – Safety and Security

Leaves and stems of healthy yacon grown in Hokkaido, mixed with lingzhi (reishi) mushrooms

Our product contains yacon and lingzhi grown at contracted farms in Hokkaido. We use only materials that passed strict quality control and safety requirements in form of agrochemicals and radiation tests etc. The tea is roasted using the original smoke-roasting technology developed in collaboration with Hokkaido Tokai University. Thanks to this method, the active components are not lost during the processing and the specific bitter taste of yacon and lingzhi is softened. You can enjoy smooth and aromatic beverage that is pleasant to drink both hot and cold.

Relieves protruding stomach and constipations. For those who wish to improve their lifestyle

Polyphenols contained in leaves and stems of yacon are very sensitive to heat and easily decompose while roasting using usual methods. Thanks to our smoke-roasting technology, polyphenols stay unchanged inside tea leaves. Polyphenols and flavonoids slow down digestion and absorption of sugars inside the body, thus preventing sudden rise of blood-sugar level after eating. Moreover, yacon leaves contain bioactive substances like catechin and terpene, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium and potassium, that will make everyone concerned for their everyday diet happy. Lingzhi, which are made of indigestible edible fibers, serve as a nutrient for good bacteria, increasing their number and improving the health of your stomach. Last but not least, yacon and lingzhi have skin-beautifying and anti-aging properties, as well as other beneficial qualities.

 What are bioactive substances?

 Inside our body many processes occur: digestion of food, production of energy, protection from viruses etc. Bioactive substances are indispensable for regulating these processes.

 From Developers –  Delivering wonders of luscious nature of Hokkaido

As a leading company in e-commerce, we are delivering to our customers in Japan and abroad many charms of Hokkaido through electronic commerce and food prod- ucts wholesale. True to our motto “Smile and Heart”, we wish to provide fresh produce of Hokkaido seas and mountains to our clients’ enjoyment. We wish to send our customers not only Hokkaido’s delicious products but also its heart. Our dream is to continue developing functional food and cosmetics beneficial to your health. We started our business in order to support, to the best of our abilities, our clients in living their everyday lives with smile on their faces, even in this contemporary aging and stressed society. There are still many natural resources containing plenty of functional components in Hokkaido. We will continue to explore them and develop and sell products beneficial to the health of our clients.

Made in Hokkaido – Japan



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