Diet Tea and Sweet Bilberry Tea Set

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2 Bottles of Tea (20 Tea bags)

Diet Tea and Sweet Bilberry Tea Set

Diet Tea – 20 Tea Bags, 20g S$15.90

A detox tea for weight watchers

Profile: A collective herbal infusion of bark of the tree, flower and leaves with a earthy tone.

Ingredients: Dried Sage, Cornflower, Black Walnut Fruit, Buckthorn, Yarrow Flower, Midland Hawthorn, Black Juniper, Spiny Restharrow and Chamomile.

Key Benefits:
– Cleans. (The herbal decoction of the compound results in a tea that cleanses the body through sweating, urinating and feces.)
– Promote the production of the gall and increase its flow thereby improving liver functions
– Soothe cramps that give rise to black liver, promote gall flow
– Help to circulate blood and strengthen the heart. and of the stomach.

Product of Albania
Sweet Bilberry – 20 Tea Bags, 60g S$18

A energising fruity infusion of Bilberries

Profile: Tangy fruity taste

Ingredients: Dried Bilberry

Key Benefits:
– Rich in vitamins A, C and P
– Helps in blood flow
– Heals mouth infections
– Source of antioxidants
– Soothes abdominal pain

Product of Albania


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